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Psychotherapy | Counselling | Melbourne | Gay Friendly | Women Friendly | CouplesI am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience. I trained at the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis, in the Freudian/Lacanian tradition. I have worked in private practice with people facing various challenges, in confidential sessions.

Since childhood, I have had an interest in words and language and their effect on our unconscious lives.

This was the catalyst for my life studies and work. I graduated with an Arts degree, followed by a postgraduate degree in Social Work, and finally a Masters equivalent in psychoanalysis from the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis.


I am experienced in dealing with:
– Relationships
– Anxiety
– Panic Attacks
– Depression
– Loss, Grief and Mourning
– Abuse
– Sibling Rivalry
– Phobias
– Anger
– Families
– Sexuality
– Work place issues
– And other concerns that may arise.

The Talking Cure

Sigmund Freud discovered that through the use of words, we find we have a lot of unconscious knowledge. By talking with an Analyst, you are able to unpack various occurrences which have had an influence on you.

During Psychoanalytic sessions, we can explore the issues worrying you. We can work on new ways of framing and approaching your concerns, to see what may be possible in the future. Social bonds can be strengthened and stress alleviated by gaining a deeper understanding of Unconscious thoughts.

One of the main methods in psychoanalytic psychotherapy is to ask you to ‘free associate’, meaning to speak about each thought that spontaneously arises. This practice can produce a deeper awareness about unconscious thoughts, without fear of judgement. It can offer new ways of approaching difficulties, in a setting where you can express yourself freely.

The theories of Freud and Lacan demonstrate how words from others shape us and show that language can convey unwanted demands. By unlocking these influences, which are often repressed, we are able to explore changes to illuminate options and improve our lives.

If the thought of talking to another is difficult, this too can be explored. From my experience, I understand that the first meeting can be daunting for some, but often there is a sense of relief after beginning work on your concerns.

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